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Barber Battle Stream is a competition that takes place online streaming with the participation of a jury, contestant, commentator and registered audience, who can watch the entire course of the live broadcast for free on the website
The competition is divided into three categories, namely the women's Ladies Barber category, the men's men's Barber category and the Fast fade category, which is common to men and women and is based on the speed of fado execution.

This competition is limited by age from 15+. The registration fee includes an e-mail ticket, which the competitor will prove at the beginning of the live entry and a link to the online gateway, which will be valid only on the day of the competition.

Barber Battle stream starts from May 29, 2021 11:00 a.m. for competitors.
The live stream will take place on May 29, 2021 from 11:30 a.m.

Winners of the Barber Battle Stream


Men Barber Stream
1st place
Vladimir Závodský


Fast Fade Stream
1st place
Kasia Skrzyniarz

Expert jury and sponsors


Professional Barber from England,

top in the field.

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Professional Barber from

Czech Republic.

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